How to upload your University of Mpumalanga proof of payment

In this article, we are going to discuss and show you how to upload your University of Mpumalanga (UMP) proof of payment.

To begin, please visit the UMP login page by clicking here or by visiting this link:


The first step is to login using the details used during your application. If you forgot your login details, you could reset your password using the Forgot Pin or Forgot Student Number. You can view our guide on how to do that here.


In this next step, head over to the Application dropdown, then to the Certificates Seen tab, then click on it.

Load/View Document

You will then select the Load/View Document Link on the Proof of Payment option.

Upload Document

You will then click on the Upload Document button, which will present a pop-up tab where you’ll be able to choose your proof of payment file and click on the Save button to upload.


After saving, you will close the tabs and then click on List Selection to refresh the uploaded document. Then confirm if this is the correct file. Once done, you can click on the close button.

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