How to reset your NWU application password

In this guide, we’ll review how to reset your North-West University (NWU) application password.

Step 1: Visit the NWU application portal

In your browser, type in to visit the NWU application portal. (See image below) You can also type in to skip step 2.

Step 2: Click forgot password option

On the login screen under the password field, click the “Forgot Password?” option as shown in the image below or type

Step 3: Enter the email you used to register

In the username field, enter the email you used to create an account.

Step 4: Check your email for the temporary password

Open your emails and you’ll receive an email with your new temporary password.

Step 5: Login and Change password

Head back to the login screen and log in with your email and the temporary password you received.

After logging in, you will be taken to change your password. In the Old Password field/box, you’ll enter your temporary password you received. You will then enter a new rememberable password or use the password suggestion if you’re using Google Chrome. Remember to save this password.

That’s it! You will then receive an email from the NWU informing you that you have reset your application password.

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