“Masifunde Youth Development” University Admission Scam

In recent weeks, UniApplyForMe has been alarmed by a concerning scam targeting vulnerable students through a fake organization known as Masifunde Youth Development. This illicit operation, operating under the website masifundeyouth.co.za, falsely promised/guaranteed university admissions in exchange for a mere R50 “service” fee.

Our Discovery

We became aware of this fraudulent scheme when students, enticed by the promises made, fell victim to the scam. Introductions to Masifunde Youth Development came through popular TikTok influencers, such as @veejayhdmore and @wandanjimi. These influencers, likely without ill intent, promoted the organization without conducting proper verification, unintentionally playing a crucial role in luring unsuspecting students.

Victims’ Experiences

Students who paid the fee and submitted information on the website reported never receiving any further communication from Masifunde Youth Development. This left many hopeful students disappointed and financially disadvantaged.

Our Strong Caution

We strongly urge students to exercise extreme caution and be wary of seemingly too-good-to-be-true offers, especially those guaranteeing university admissions for a nominal fee. UniApplyForMe reiterates our commitment to never assisting with late university applications, as these are often unrealistic and not feasible.

Social Media’s Role

This scam highlights the need for social media users, particularly influencers, to verify information before promoting any organization or service. This is especially important when it concerns critical matters like education.

Further Investigation

UniApplyForMe investigated the legitimacy of Masifunde Youth Development. We discovered that the domain masifundeyouth.co.za was registered by Anele Nconca (https://designthat.cloud/whois/#/whois/masifundeyouth.co.za) on the 11th of January 2024. The site was suspended by its web hosting company, Host2Goo, on February 25th possibly due to non-payment.

Red Flags

The website itself exhibited several red flags, including a simplistic layout, grammar and spelling errors, and a suspicious message claiming an overwhelming number of applications.

Final Message

This incident is a harsh reminder to verify the legitimacy of individuals and organizations before making any payments. Students should be cautious, skeptical, and thorough in their research. In the pursuit of higher education, rely on trusted and reputable sources for assistance. UniApplyForMe remains dedicated to guiding students through legitimate avenues of education without compromising their aspirations. We encourage victims of this scam to report it to the relevant authorities.

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