MUT has specific admission requirements to ensure that incoming students have the foundation needed to succeed in their chosen qualifications. It’s important to understand these requirements before applying.

Admission Point Score (APS)

MUT calculates an Admission Point Score (APS) based on your final National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent exam results. Each subject has an APS value:

  • Marks of 90-100%: APS of 8
  • Marks of 80-89%: APS of 7
  • Marks of 70-79%: APS of 6
  • Marks of 60-69%: APS of 5
  • Marks of 50-59%: APS of 4
  • Marks of 40-49%: APS of 3
  • Marks below 40%: APS of 0

Important: Subjects with marks below 40% will not be considered in your APS calculation.

Minimum Requirements and Additional Factors

  • Minimum APS: The minimum APS required varies by faculty and qualification.
  • Specific subject requirements: Some qualifications have specific subject and minimum grade requirements. For example, engineering qualifications might require Mathematics and Physics with minimum grades.
  • Faculty Entrance Tests: Certain faculties may require additional entrance tests.

Where to Find Detailed Requirements

If You Don’t Meet the Requirements

If you’re concerned about not meeting the requirements, contact MUT’s admissions office for guidance. They may be able to offer alternative pathways or suggest ways to improve your academic qualifications.

You can also contact our team at career-guidance@apply.org.za to receive career guidance for your marks.

Remember: Admission is competitive, and meeting the minimum requirements doesn’t automatically guarantee a place.

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