Bachelor of Arts in Sport, Recreation and Exercise Science | UWC

APS Required



3 year(s)


Bachelor's Degree





  • Minimum 30 UWC APS
  • English: Code 4 (Home or First Additional Language)
  • Any other language: Code 3 (Home or First Additional)
  • Maths Code 3 or Maths Literacy Code 4
  • Every applicant wishing to register for any of the study programmes and/or courses offered by the Department of Sport, Recreation and Exercise Science at the University of the Western Cape must submit a certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner (in the format approved by the university) attesting to the absence of any medical, physical or mental condition that may prevent him/her from participating in the theoretical and/or practical aspects (which may include strenuous physical exercise). In addition to the medical certificate referred to above, both the parents (or guardian/s) of applicants who are under 21 years of age are required to sign a document (in the format approved by the university) exempting the university from any legal action and or legal liability that may arise from their children (or wards) partaking in any of programmes offered by the department.

Career Prospects

  1. Sports Administrator: Manage and coordinate sports programs, events, and facilities within sports organizations, clubs, schools, or government agencies. Sports administrators oversee scheduling, budgeting, marketing, and logistics to ensure smooth operations and successful delivery of sporting activities and events.
  2. Recreation Program Coordinator: Plan, implement, and evaluate recreational programs and activities for individuals, families, and communities to promote leisure, wellness, and social engagement. Recreation program coordinators develop activity schedules, recruit instructors, and supervise program delivery in parks, community centers, and recreational facilities.
  3. Fitness Center Manager: Manage and operate fitness centers, gyms, or health clubs, overseeing staff, facilities, programming, and member services. Fitness center managers develop fitness programs, conduct assessments, and provide coaching and support to clients to help them achieve their fitness and wellness goals.
  4. Exercise Physiologist: Conduct fitness assessments, prescribe exercise programs, and provide lifestyle counseling to individuals and groups to improve health, fitness, and performance. Exercise physiologists work in fitness centers, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and corporate wellness programs, promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyle behaviors.
  5. Sports Coach or Instructor: Teach and train athletes or recreational participants in various sports, providing technical instruction, skill development, and motivation to enhance performance and enjoyment. Sports coaches and instructors work with athletes of all ages and skill levels, delivering individual or group coaching sessions, practices, and competitions.
  6. Athletic Development Specialist: Design and implement athlete development programs and training regimens to optimize physical conditioning, athletic performance, and injury prevention. Athletic development specialists assess athletes’ strengths and weaknesses, prescribe individualized training plans, and monitor progress to support athletes’ long-term development and success.
  7. Corporate Wellness Coordinator: Develop and implement workplace wellness programs and initiatives to promote employee health, productivity, and morale. Corporate wellness coordinators organize fitness challenges, wellness workshops, and health screenings, partnering with employers to create supportive environments for healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors.
  8. Health Promotion Officer: Promote physical activity, healthy lifestyles, and disease prevention through community-based health promotion programs and campaigns. Health promotion officers design and implement initiatives to increase awareness, knowledge, and participation in physical activity, targeting diverse populations and settings to improve public health outcomes.
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