How to apply to Stellenbosch University (SUN) Online

In this visual guide, we’ll be focusing on how to apply to the Stellenbosch University (SUN).
We’ll show you what information to enter using images to guide you.

Create Profile

Visit or click on the “Create Profile” button below to create a profile on the student portal as a new applicant.

After filling in all the information and clicking the create button, you’ll sign in to the portal on or by clicking on the “Login” button below and entering your password that you entered on creation.

Programme Selection

Programme selection

After logging in, you will be presented with the view above, where on the top left, you’ll click on “Programme Selection”. Then proceed to click on the “+Add” button to add a programme that you’d like to apply for.

Selection fields

You will then choose a programme from different faculties. Be sure to check out the latest prospectus by clicking on the button below. You can see an example of how your choices can look like.

Programme selection completed example

Then click on the save button and you’ll see a confirmation message like the one in the image below. Click “Ok” and add a different programme if you’d like to add more.

Selection confirmation

Personal Information

You’ll then head over to the next section which will be personal information whereby you’ll complete your information and answer a few information about your family’s financial standing.

Next of Kin Details

Next of kin’s details

This next section will be where you’ll be completing your next of kin’s contact information and details.

Address Details

Address details

In this next section will be your address details whereby you’ll enter your addresses.

There are 2 (two) types of addresses:

  • Residential Address – A residential address is the location where a person or a family lives. It’s the place you call home. This address is used to identify the physical location of your house, apartment, or any other type of dwelling where you reside.
  • Postal Address – A postal address, also known as a mailing address, is the address you provide to receive mail and packages. It might be the same as your residential address, but it can also be different. The key difference is that a postal address is primarily used for sending and receiving mail, while a residential address is where you actually live.

To find your postal code. click here to search for your postal code.

School Information

School information

The next section will be your school information where you’ll add information about your school. The next tab will be your sports achievements. (see image below)

School info fields

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation

This section is for residence applications. (see image below)

Residence fields

Socio-economic information


This socio-economic section is to help the university assist with disadvantaged students.


Document Upload

This section is to upload required documents.

Document Submission


Payment and Agreement

In this section, you’ll pay the application fee of R100 and accept the terms and conditions.

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