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Applicants & Schools

We offer assistance with career guidance, funding, university and college applications, and helpful resources.


We offer institutional directories, which allow prospective applicants to learn more about the institution and contact them.


We offer funding opportunities to prospective applicants to allow easier reach to deserving students all in one platform.

We’re passionate about using technology to improve access to education.




Our Platforms

We have developed multiple platforms within the our network to help support prospective students.

Our platform focused on all about sharing knowledge, supporting each other, and making education accessible and enjoyable.

UniApplyForMe Tools is a resource hub designed for prospective students. They can utilize APS calculators for university admission calculations, access comprehensive prospectuses, and find essential tools to streamline their academic journey.

UniApplyForMe Community is a dynamic platform that fosters communication and collaboration among prospective students, universities, and the UniApplyForMe team. It serves as a space where prospective students can connect with universities, receive guidance, and engage with knowledgeable staff members. For current university students, it offers a channel to seek support and share their experiences.

UniApplyForMe Courses is an inclusive platform where prospective students and universities come together. It enables prospective students to connect with universities, send messages, and access comprehensive information on academic programs. For universities, it provides a platform to showcase their offerings and connect with potential students. Explore academic opportunities, engage with institutions, and make informed educational choices.

Portal is a personalized gateway for managing UniApplyForMe accounts and information. Whether users are applicants, donors, or supporters, this secure portal empowers them to update details, track applications, and engage with the educational network effortlessly. It puts control in their hands.

Explore UniApplyForMe

Where your educational journey meets success.

Educational Resources

Explore a treasure trove of educational tools and resources. From APS calculators to comprehensive prospectuses, we've got you covered on your journey to higher education.

University Directories

Discover a world of possibilities with our extensive directories of universities and academic programs. Find the perfect fit for your educational aspirations.

Community Engagement

Join a vibrant educational community where prospective students, universities, and our dedicated team come together. Seek guidance, share experiences, and foster connections that empower your academic journey.

Personalized Support

Get personalized support from our experts. Whether you're navigating university applications or seeking advice on your academic path, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

Direct Communication

Connect directly with universities and educational institutions. Send messages, seek information, and engage with the institutions that can shape your future.

Alumni Insights

Gain valuable insights from alumni who've walked the same path. Learn from their experiences and discover the opportunities that lie ahead in your educational journey.

Empowering Schools for Success

Discover how our platform provides educational resources, career guidance, and seamless university transition support.

Educational Resources

Utilize UniApplyForMe's educational resources to better prepare your students for higher education. Access tools like APS calculators and prospectuses.

Career Guidance

Offer students career guidance sessions and workshops to help them explore academic and career pathways.

University Transition Support

Ensure a smooth transition for your graduating students into higher education with UniApplyForMe's resources and support.

Information Dissemination

Keep students and parents well-informed about bursaries, scholarships, and application deadlines through UniApplyForMe's platform.

Direct Communication

Facilitate direct communication between your school and universities, enabling seamless information sharing.

Data & Insights

Gain insights into students' career aspirations, university preferences, and application trends to tailor your academic programs and support services effectively.

Discover How UniApplyForMe Benefits You

Explore tailored benefits for institutions and bursars, each designed to streamline processes, expand reach, and make a meaningful impact.

Explore UniApplyForMe's Benefits

Discover tailored advantages for institutions and bursars. See how UniApplyForMe streamlines processes and expands your reach.

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A Message From the Chairperson

At UniApplyForMe, we’re dedicated to supporting your educational journey. From university applications to funding opportunities, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Let’s make your educational dreams a reality together.

Wandise Boyd


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