Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching | UMP

APS Required

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4 year(s)


Bachelor's Degree





  • Minimum APS: 26 with Mathematics or 27 with Mathematical Literacy
  • Preliminary admission is based on the final Grade 11 examination results. Final admission is based on the final Grade 12 results.
  • The prescribed seven subjects are the subjects to be used in calculating the APS.
  • The APS achievement rating of Life Orientation is divided by two in the calculation of APS
  • If an applicant included more than the minimum of three electives in the applicant’s NSC, the four compulsories and the three best electives will be used

Career Prospects

A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Foundation Phase Teaching prepares graduates to educate and nurture young learners during their crucial early years of schooling. In South Africa, where quality education is a priority, graduates with this qualification play a vital role in shaping the academic, social, and emotional development of children in the foundation phase (grades R to 3). Here are some potential career paths for graduates with a B.Ed. in Foundation Phase Teaching:

  1. Foundation Phase Teacher: Teach primary school students in grades R to 3, focusing on literacy, numeracy, and foundational skills development. Foundation phase teachers create engaging lesson plans, assess student progress, and provide individualized support to meet the diverse needs of young learners.
  2. Early Childhood Development (ECD) Practitioner: Work in early childhood centers, preschools, or daycare facilities to provide holistic care and education to children from birth to age 6. ECD practitioners create stimulating learning environments, plan age-appropriate activities, and support children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.
  3. Special Needs Educator: Support students with special educational needs (SEN) or learning difficulties in inclusive classroom settings. Special needs educators adapt teaching strategies, provide personalized interventions, and collaborate with other professionals to ensure that all students have access to quality education and support services.
  4. Literacy Coach or Specialist: Assist schools and teachers in implementing effective literacy programs and interventions to improve reading and writing skills among young learners. Literacy coaches provide professional development, curriculum support, and assessment tools to enhance literacy instruction and student outcomes.
  5. Numeracy Interventionist: Work with students who struggle with mathematics concepts and skills, providing targeted interventions and remedial support to improve numeracy proficiency. Numeracy interventionists use diagnostic assessments, differentiated instruction, and hands-on activities to help students build foundational math competencies.
  6. Curriculum Developer or Coordinator: Design and develop curriculum materials, resources, and assessments for foundation phase education, aligning instructional content with national curriculum standards and educational best practices. Curriculum developers collaborate with teachers, administrators, and education stakeholders to ensure coherent and effective curriculum implementation.
  7. Educational Technology Integrator: Integrate digital technologies and educational tools into teaching and learning activities to enhance engagement, collaboration, and learning outcomes in the foundation phase classroom. Educational technology integrators train teachers in the effective use of digital resources, interactive whiteboards, educational apps, and online platforms to support instruction and student learning.
  8. Educational Consultant or Researcher: Conduct research, evaluations, and professional development workshops on effective teaching strategies, curriculum innovations, and educational policies in the foundation phase. Educational consultants and researchers contribute to evidence-based practices, educational reforms, and improvements in teaching and learning outcomes at local, national, and international levels.
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