Learn how to code with Grasshopper

On your phone, take brief, enjoyable classes that teach you how to write authentic JavaScript. As your skills increase, move through increasingly difficult stages. Graduate with the fundamentals of programming under your belt for your next career move.

Build your skills as you work through fun, progressively challenging courses.

What is coding?

We connect with computers through coding, often known as computer programming. Coding is similar to writing a set of instructions because it instructs a machine what to do. You can instruct computers what to do or how to behave much more quickly by learning to write code. This ability enables you to create websites and apps, handle data, among many other amazing tasks.

How will this help me?

Each of us has goals, aspirations, and plans for the future. Coding can help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking for a new job, want to improve your existing position, or are just seeking for a new pastime. Also keep in mind that anyone can learn to code! Some other benefits of coding are that you get to make more money and become smarter and this opens up a huge range of oppurtunities for you.

What is in the curriculum?

The Grasshopper curriculum covers Javascript basics and fundamentals in an easy, fun and understandable way. You can browse the curriculum overview here.

How to start coding?

Gettting started with Grashopper is quick and simple, you just need a mobile device or laptop with access to the internet. You can download the Grashopper android app by clicking on the button below or visit the website using the button below.

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