Understanding Your UJ Application Status

As an applicant to the University of Johannesburg (UJ), comprehending your application status is vital in navigating your journey towards higher education. Each applicant is assigned an admission code on the university’s student system, which offers a clear indication of their application status. This article will guide you through the different admission status codes and what they signify for UJ applicants.

Application StatusMeaning and Action
“Admitted”You’ve met all admission requirements and can register for your programme without further conditions.
“Conditionally Admitted”You’ve applied based on Grade 11 results and must meet all requirements when you obtain your Grade 12 certificate. If you do so, your status changes to “Admitted”; otherwise, it becomes “Not admitted.”
“Provisionally Selected Subject to Space Availability”You meet admission requirements but aren’t necessarily admitted yet. A final decision depends on space availability.
“Not Admitted”Your application has been declined based on specific reasons. Explore other options.
Understanding UJ Application Status Codes

A deeper dive

“Admitted”: Your Ticket to Success

The coveted status of “Admitted” is the ultimate goal. When you see this next to your name, it means you have successfully met all the admission requirements for your chosen qualification. Congratulations! You can proceed to register for your desired programme during the approved registration period without any additional conditions or requirements.

“Conditionally Admitted”: A Path to Full Admission

“Conditionally admitted” status is often assigned to applicants who have based their applications on their final Grade 11 examination results. These individuals will sit for their final Grade 12 examinations before the commencement of the academic year they’ve applied for. Conditionally admitted applicants must ensure they fully satisfy all the minimum admission requirements of their chosen qualification when they obtain their National Senior Certificate or relevant certificates. Meeting this condition within the specified timeframe will result in their status changing to “Admitted.” However, failure to meet this condition on time will change their status to “Not admitted.”

“Provisionally Selected Subject to Space Availability”: The Waiting Game

For applicants who meet the admission requirements of their desired qualification based on their final Grade 11 examination results, the story is slightly different. They may not receive a conditional admission but rather a “provisionally selected depending on space availability” status, or, in some cases, “not admitted.” This status depends on UJ’s enrollment plan for the specific qualification. It signifies that a final decision regarding their admission status will be made in the future. This decision considers whether the applicant fully satisfies all the admission requirements and whether there is available study space within the qualification. UJ endeavours to make this final decision as promptly as possible, typically during the registration period.

“Not Admitted”: A Temporary Setback

If your admission status reads “Not admitted,” it indicates that your application for the specific qualification has been declined based on one or more specific reasons. Don’t be disheartened; there are various paths to explore.

Understanding these admission status codes is essential for UJ applicants. It not only guides you through the admission process but also helps you take the necessary steps to secure your place in your desired qualification. The admission status of each applicant is meticulously recorded on UJ’s student system, ensuring transparency and clarity throughout the application and admission journey.

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