Diploma in Agriculture in Plant Production | UMP

APS Required

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3 year(s)







  • Minimum APS: 23 with Mathematics and 24 with Mathematical Literacy
  • English (Home or First Additional Language) Level 4
  • Mathematics Level 3
  • Mathematical Literacy Level 4
  • Agriculture, Geography or Life Sciences Level 4

National Certificate Vocational:

  • NCV level 4 in Primary Agriculture with at least 50% for English (Home Language or First Additional Language), 40% for Mathematics or 70% for Mathematical Literacy

Career Prospects

A Diploma in Agriculture in Plant Production from UMP (University of Mpumalanga) equips graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in various aspects of plant agriculture. In South Africa, where agriculture plays a significant role in the economy and food security, graduates with this qualification can pursue diverse career opportunities in the agricultural sector. Here are some potential career paths for diploma holders in Agriculture with a focus on Plant Production:

  1. Farm Manager: Oversee the day-to-day operations of farms, including crop production, livestock management, and farm maintenance. Farm managers are responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating farming activities to optimize productivity, profitability, and sustainability.
  2. Crop Production Specialist: Focus on the cultivation and management of crops such as grains, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Crop production specialists utilize agronomic practices, pest and disease management techniques, and crop rotation strategies to maximize yields and quality while minimizing environmental impact.
  3. Horticulturist: Specialize in the cultivation and management of horticultural crops, including ornamental plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Horticulturists may work in nurseries, botanical gardens, landscaping firms, or agricultural research institutions, conducting experiments and trials to improve crop varieties and production methods.
  4. Crop Consultant: Provide agronomic advice and consulting services to farmers, agribusinesses, and agricultural organizations. Crop consultants assess soil fertility, pest and disease pressures, and environmental conditions to develop customized recommendations for crop management and optimization.
  5. Seed Production Technician: Assist in the production, processing, and quality control of agricultural seeds for commercial use. Seed production technicians work in seed companies, research stations, or seed processing facilities, ensuring that seeds meet quality standards and regulatory requirements for germination, purity, and genetic integrity.
  6. Field Research Assistant: Support agricultural research projects focused on plant breeding, crop physiology, and agronomy. Field research assistants conduct field trials, collect data, and assist researchers in evaluating new crop varieties, production techniques, and pest management strategies.
  7. Extension Officer: Work for government agencies, NGOs, or agricultural cooperatives to provide outreach and education services to farmers and rural communities. Extension officers deliver training programs, workshops, and demonstration plots on topics such as crop production, soil conservation, and sustainable agriculture practices.
  8. Agribusiness Entrepreneur: Start a farming enterprise, agribusiness venture, or agricultural service company specializing in plant production. Agribusiness entrepreneurs identify market opportunities, develop business plans, and implement innovative strategies to add value to agricultural products and services.
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