Diploma in Agriculture | CPUT

APS Required

| | | points


3 year(s)







  • English (HL or FAL): 4
  • Maths: 3
  • Tech Maths:4
  • Life Sciences:4
  • Physical Sciences: 4

For ECP (Extended), 28 APS with Maths and 29 APS with Tech Maths
For Mainstream, 30 APS with Maths and 31 APS with Tech Maths

Career Prospects

  1. Farm Manager: Manage day-to-day operations on farms, including crop cultivation, livestock management, and agricultural production. Farm managers oversee planting, harvesting, and irrigation activities, as well as livestock care, breeding, and health management. They may also handle budgeting, purchasing, and marketing aspects of farm operations.
  2. Agricultural Extension Officer: Work with farmers and rural communities to provide agricultural education, training, and outreach services. Agricultural extension officers offer advice on crop cultivation techniques, pest management, soil conservation, and sustainable farming practices. They may also facilitate workshops, demonstrations, and field days to promote agricultural innovation and adoption of best practices.
  3. Agribusiness Entrepreneur: Start and manage agricultural businesses, such as nurseries, greenhouse operations, livestock farms, or agro-processing ventures. Agribusiness entrepreneurs identify market opportunities, develop business plans, and implement strategies to grow and sustain their enterprises. They may also engage in value-added activities, such as food processing, packaging, and distribution, to add value to agricultural products and expand market reach.
  4. Crop Consultant: Provide agronomic advice and consulting services to farmers, agribusinesses, and agricultural organizations. Crop consultants assess soil fertility, analyze crop performance, and recommend crop inputs, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and seed varieties, to optimize yields and profitability. They may also conduct field trials, research trials, and crop scouting activities to monitor crop health and diagnose agronomic issues.
  5. Livestock Technician: Assist in the management and care of livestock on farms, ranches, or agricultural operations. Livestock technicians handle tasks such as feeding, breeding, health monitoring, and disease prevention for livestock species, including cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, or aquaculture species. They may also assist with livestock handling, facility maintenance, and record-keeping activities to ensure animal welfare and production efficiency.
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