Diploma in Agricultural Management | CPUT

APS Required

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3 year(s)







  • English (HL or FAL): 4
  • Maths: 3
  • Tech Maths:4
  • Maths Lit: 5
  • Life Sciences:4
  • Physical Sciences: 4

For ECP (Extended), 28 APS with Maths, 29 APS with Tech Maths, and 30 APS with Maths Literacy
For Mainstream, 30 APS with Maths, and 31 APS with Tech Maths, and 32 APS with Maths Literacy

Career Prospects

  1. Farm Manager: Manage the day-to-day operations of farms, including crop cultivation, livestock management, and agricultural production. Farm managers oversee planting schedules, irrigation systems, and harvesting activities. They also handle budgeting, purchasing, and marketing aspects of farm operations to ensure efficient and profitable agricultural production.
  2. Agribusiness Manager: Work in agricultural businesses, such as agro-processing companies, agricultural cooperatives, or input supply firms, overseeing business operations, strategic planning, and resource management. Agribusiness managers develop business plans, manage budgets, and implement marketing strategies to promote agricultural products and services. They also negotiate contracts, manage supply chains, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.
  3. Agricultural Extension Officer: Provide agricultural education, training, and advisory services to farmers and rural communities. Agricultural extension officers disseminate information on crop management practices, pest control techniques, and sustainable farming methods. They also organize training workshops, field demonstrations, and outreach programs to promote agricultural innovation and adoption of best practices among farmers.
  4. Market Development Officer: Analyze market trends, identify market opportunities, and develop marketing strategies for agricultural products. Market development officers conduct market research, assess consumer preferences, and coordinate promotional campaigns to increase market share and profitability for agricultural businesses. They may also liaise with buyers, distributors, and retailers to facilitate product sales and distribution.
  5. Rural Development Coordinator: Coordinate rural development projects and programs aimed at improving livelihoods, infrastructure, and economic opportunities in rural communities. Rural development coordinators collaborate with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and community groups to implement projects related to agricultural diversification, natural resource management, and income generation. They also mobilize resources, monitor project progress, and evaluate program outcomes to support sustainable rural development initiatives.
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