Bachelor of Theology | UNISA

APS Required



3 year(s)


Bachelor's Degree





Students should note that during the course of their studies they would be required to have access to a computer or laptop, printer and the internet.

Career Prospects

  1. Minister/Pastor: Serve as spiritual leaders within religious congregations, leading worship services, delivering sermons, and providing pastoral care to congregants. Ministers and pastors may also oversee religious education programs, facilitate community outreach initiatives, and provide counseling and support to individuals and families.
  2. Chaplain: Offer spiritual and emotional support to individuals in various settings, including hospitals, prisons, military installations, and universities. Chaplains provide pastoral care, conduct religious services, and offer counseling and guidance to individuals facing difficult circumstances or life transitions.
  3. Religious Educator: Teach religious studies, theology, or ethics in schools, colleges, or seminaries. Religious educators develop curriculum materials, lead classroom discussions, and mentor students in their spiritual and intellectual growth. They may also conduct research and publish scholarly work in their field of expertise.
  4. Non-profit Administrator: Work for religious or faith-based organizations in administrative roles, overseeing programs, fundraising, and community outreach efforts. Non-profit administrators manage budgets, coordinate volunteer activities, and develop partnerships with other organizations to address social needs and promote community development.
  5. Counselor/Social Worker: Provide counseling and support services to individuals and families within religious and community settings. Counselors and social workers help individuals cope with life challenges, address mental health issues, and navigate personal and relational difficulties from a faith-based perspective. They may also facilitate support groups and community programs focused on spiritual and emotional well-being.
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