Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (BEng) | NWU

APS Required



4 year(s)


Bachelor's Degree





  • NS(C) with full matriculation exemption
  • Mathematics level 6 (70%+)
  • Physical Sciences level 6 (70%+)
  • Afrikaans OR English as Home OR First
    Additional Language at least level 5 (60%+)
  • Additional entry route: Students with 65%
    in both Mathematics AND Physical Sciences,
    and an APS of 31, may have the opportunity
    to write a test as additional point of entry.
  • Students with 40%+ in both Mathematics
    and Physical Sciences and at least 60% for
    the language of instruction can apply for the
    1-year Xcel bridging programme: https://

Career Prospects

  1. Robotics Engineer: Design, develop, and program robotic systems for various applications, including manufacturing, healthcare, and automation. South Africa’s growing interest in robotics technology offers opportunities for mechatronic engineers to work on innovative projects in industries such as mining, agriculture, and logistics.
  2. Automation Specialist: Implement automated systems and processes to improve efficiency and productivity in manufacturing and industrial settings. Mechatronic engineers play a key role in designing and integrating automation solutions, including PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming, sensor integration, and control systems optimization.
  3. Control Systems Engineer: Design and optimize control systems for complex machinery and equipment, ensuring precise operation and performance. Mechatronic engineers are well-equipped to work on control systems projects in industries such as renewable energy, automotive, and aerospace, where precise control is essential.
  4. Embedded Systems Developer: Design and program embedded systems for a variety of applications, including IoT (Internet of Things) devices, smart sensors, and consumer electronics. With the increasing demand for connected devices and smart technologies, mechatronic engineers can contribute to innovative projects in areas such as smart cities, healthcare, and agriculture.
  5. Product Development Engineer: Lead product development projects from concept to production, incorporating mechanical, electrical, and software components into integrated systems. Mechatronic engineers bring a multidisciplinary approach to product design and innovation, making them valuable contributors to companies in the automotive, consumer electronics, and medical device industries.
  6. Systems Integration Engineer: Integrate and test complex systems comprising mechanical, electrical, and software components, ensuring seamless operation and interoperability. Mechatronic engineers play a crucial role in system integration projects, particularly in industries such as defense, aerospace, and transportation, where reliability and performance are paramount.
  7. Research and Development (R&D) Engineer: Conduct research to innovate and improve mechatronic systems and technologies, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in fields such as robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence. South Africa’s focus on technology innovation and research provides opportunities for mechatronic engineers to contribute to cutting-edge projects and initiatives.
  8. Entrepreneur/Startup Founder: Launch a tech startup or entrepreneurial venture focused on mechatronic solutions and innovations. Mechatronic engineers with a passion for entrepreneurship can leverage their technical expertise to develop and commercialize new products and services in emerging markets and industries.
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