How to apply for NSFAS 2023

In this guide, we will be showing you step-by-step (with pictures) how to apply for NSFAS, which opens on the 28th of September 2022.

What is NSFAS?

NSFAS is a public entity under the Department of Higher Education and Training. NSFAS provides financial help through study bursaries to deserving students at TVET colleges and public universities. The funding covers the cost of registration, tuition, allowances for learning materials, food, personal care, transport or accommodation.
They have been around for over 28 years; assisting over 4 million South Africans to achieve their dreams.

Who qualifies for funding?

• South African citizens
• SASSA grant recipients
•Applicants whose combined household income is not more than R350 000 per year
•Persons with disabilities whose combined household income is not more than R600 000 per year.

Who should not apply?

• Students who have completed a previous qualification, unless they apply for an approved funded post-graduate qualification.
• Students who have already applied and received funding in previous years. They are automatically funded for the duration of their studies, provided they pass their modules and meet the academic requirements.

Required documents

All applicants

• Copy of ID
• Must have consent from the parent(s), guardian, or spouse to submit their personal information for validation and verification. Once you accept the applicable terms and conditions, you confirm that you have received consent from all relevant parties.

If the applicant is dependent on their parents, guardian, or spouse, they must provide:

• ID copies of parent(s), guardian or spouse
• Proof of income of the parent(s), guardian or spouse (payslip or appointment letter, where applicable)

How to apply

  1. Create a myNSFAS account via this link: https://my.nsfas.org.za/

2. After verifying your OTP, log in and answer a few security questions.

3. Click the apply now button on the apply for funding now tab.

4. If you’re doing grade 12 click on No on the are you currently studying question and choose grade 11 as your highest completed level. If you’ve completed grade 12, choose the grade 12 option as your highest-achieved level. Select the type of institution you’ll be applying to. Choose the institutions you’ll be applying to for your studies.

5. Choose the field of study you are looking to pursue with the qualification you applied for. Then, enter your residential details, your street number can be the house number. If you do not know your postal code, click here to find yours.

6. Choose whether you’d like to apply for a laptop. Please note the terms associated with this selection means that NSFAS will procure (purchase) a learning device on your behalf. With this will be a laptop, charger, laptop bag and delivery receipt. You can collect these at the institutions you’ll be accepted at or get them delivered to you (depending on the institution). For more information click here.

7. You will then need to complete details about your parents or guardians if applicable.

What is a guardian?

A guardian is a person you stay with who is not a biological parent, this could be an aunt, sister, grandmother or cousin. If you live with a guardian, you need to complete a vulnerable child declaration form which you can find below. If you do not have any family details you need to complete the declaration of parent(s) details for NON-SASSA applicants form below.

What if I have disabilities?

If you have disabilities, you need to complete the Disability Annexure A form (Disability Assessment Questionnaire). You can also download it below.

8. After uploading the required documents, confirm and submit your application.

Should you need help applying please contact NSFAS via these methods:

You can also send us an email at info@apply.org.za or nsfas@apply.org.za. You can also reach out to us via our social media channels on @UniApplyForMe.

If you found this guide helpful, please share it with your friends and family.

Good luck with your applications!

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