Apply for the 2023/4 Air Products Bursary

Access to quality education is essential for personal growth and the development of a prosperous society. Air Products South Africa (Pty) Limited, a leading industrial gas company, recognizes the importance of education and community upliftment. In line with their commitment, they are offering the Air Products Tertiary Education Bursary Programme for the 2023 academic year. This blog post will provide valuable information about the bursary program, including eligibility criteria and application process.

Investing in Future Talent: Air Products South Africa is dedicated to supporting aspiring students pursuing their tertiary education. The company invites applications from students studying towards a National Diploma or undergraduate degree in fields such as Engineering, Natural Sciences, Management Sciences, Finance, or Operations/Production. By offering bursaries in these disciplines, Air Products aims to contribute to the development of skilled professionals who can make a positive impact in their respective industries.

Eligibility Criteria: To be considered for the Air Products Tertiary Education Bursary, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. South African citizenship
  2. Acceptance, registration, and enrollment in a National Diploma or undergraduate degree program
  3. Minimum average of 65% or above in the year preceding the application
  4. Combined household income not exceeding R450,000 per annum before statutory deductions

Application Process: Applicants must submit a complete set of documents to be considered for the bursary. The required documents include:

  1. Brief letter of motivation: This is an opportunity to express your interest, aspirations, and why you believe you should be awarded the bursary.
  2. Certified copy of Grade 12 certificate or most recent academic transcripts: Provide evidence of your academic achievements.
  3. Affidavit confirming household income: Submit an affidavit stating that the combined household income does not exceed the specified threshold.
  4. Certified copy of ID: Include a copy of your South African ID for verification purposes.
  5. Proof of registration with the university: Provide documentation that confirms your registration at a recognized institution.
  6. Statement or Bill of Costs for tuition: Submit official documentation showing the costs associated with your tuition fees.
  7. Proof of costs for textbooks: Include documentation indicating the expenses related to purchasing textbooks.
  8. Proof of costs for residence (if applicable): If you require accommodation, provide evidence of the associated costs.

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, you can submit your application via email to Remember to use the subject line “Air Products Bursary Application – Your Name” for efficient processing.

Investing in Education and Future Success: The Air Products Tertiary Education Bursary exemplifies the company’s commitment to educational development and uplifting communities. By offering financial support, Air Products aims to empower talented individuals to pursue their academic goals and become future leaders in their chosen fields. The bursary program opens doors to opportunities and enables students to focus on their studies without the burden of financial constraints.

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