Career Opportunities from Subject Choice

Upon successful completion of Grade 9, you will be required to choose subjects according to the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate (NSC). Not all schools offer the same subject choices so make sure to ask your teacher.

There are various subjects one can choose from but it is key to bear in mind 3 things:

1. What subjects are offered in your high school

2. What are your career interests

3. What are your personal interests

If you need more guidance in terms of which subjects to choose, you can access the National Career Advice Portal (NCAP) subject chooser by clicking here. Or WhatsApp us to get career help by clicking here.


AgricultureFarm Manager, Nature Conservationist: Horticulturalist, Agricultural Technician, Agricultural Engineer, Farmer, Landscape Engineer, Teacher
Equine StudiesVeterinarian, Jockey, Horse Trainer, Horse Breeder, Horse Rider
Civil TechnologyDraughtsperson, Shop Fitter , Cabinetmaker, Carpenter and Joiner, Plumber, Bricklayer and Plasterer
Engineering Graphics and DesignArchitect, Electrical Draughtsperson, Mechanical Draughtsperson, Designer (furniture, motor vehicles, aeronautics)
Nautical SciencesDeck Hand, Deck Officer, Harbour Master, Ship’s Mate, Master Captain, Yacht Captain, Navigator, Tug Master
Mechanical TechnologyAutomotive Technician, Aircraft Technician, Automotive Mechanic, Boilermaker, Earthmoving Equipment Mechanic, Fitter and Turner, Welder
Electrical TechnologyElectrician, Auto-Electrician, Electrical Fitter, Electrical Draughtsperson, Electrical or Electronics Technician, Electrical or Electronics Technologist
MathematicsMedical Doctor, Teacher, Pharmacist, Physicist, Actuary, Dentist, Town Planner, Astronomist, Engineer, Technologist, Technician, Architect, Scientist, Aeroplane Pilot, Information Technology Specialist
Mathematical LiteracyTeacher, Plumber, Bricklayer, Welder, Computer Programmer, Bookkeeper, Chef, Social Worker, Sales Executive, Journalist, Business Manager, Caterer
Physical SciencesMedical Doctor, Teacher, Pharmacist, Physicist, Actuary, Dentist, Town Planner, Astronomer/ Scientist, Engineer, Technologist, Technician, Architect, Scientist, Aeroplane Pilot, Information Technology Specialist
Computer TechnologyDatabase Designer, Information Technology Specialist, Computer Technician, Software Engineer, Computer Programmer
Life SciencesMarine Biologist, Microbiologist, Bio-Chemist, Ecologist, Physiotherapist , Botanist, Zoologist, Pharmacist
EconomicsChartered Accountant, Economist, Tax Consultant, Auditor, Stock Broker, Budget Analyst, Business Analyst, Investment Analyst, Market Researcher, Bookkeeper
AccountingChartered Accountant, State Accountant, Financial Accountant, Bookkeeper, Banking Services, Production Manager, Industrial Buyer, Retail Sales Executive, Systems Analyst, Auctioneer, Chief Financial Officer
HistoryJournalist, Public Relations Specialist, Researcher, Tourism Practitioner, Archaeologist, Historian, Legal Practitioner, Politician, Diplomat, Librarian, Marketer, Tour Guide
GeographyEnvironmental Planner, Environmental Journalist, Town Planner, Rural and Urban Planner, Map Maker, Meteorologist, Conservationist
Religious StudiesMinister, Social Worker, Development Worker, Human Rights Worker, Researcher, Journalist, Community Service worker
HospitalityTour Guide, Tour Information Officer, Flight Attendant, Purser, Restaurant Manager, Hotel Manager, Chef, Bartender, Waitron (restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, fast food outlets, bed-and breakfast establishments), Food and Beverage Manager, Banqueting Manager, Entrepreneur, Product Developer, Events Manager, Travel Agent, Fashion Designer
MusicMusician, Singer, Recording Studio Technician, Composer, Music Teacher, Sound Technician, Arts Manager
Dramatic Arts, Television Studies and Dance StudiesActor (stage, TV, movies), Director, TV Producer, TV Announcer, Radio Announcer, Set/Costume/ Lighting/Sound Designer, Arts Manager, Speech Therapist, Public Relations Officer, Media Relations Coordinator, Dancer, Choreographer, Drama or Dance Teacher, Critic, Dance Administrator, Aerobics Instructor, Dance Therapist, Fashion Show Director
Visual artsArtist, Desktop Publisher, Curator of an Art Gallery, Art Historian, Critic, Arts Manager, Teacher, Video Producer, Photographer, Digital Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Framer
LanguagesInterpreter, Journalist, Media Broadcaster, Author, Publisher, Editor, Tour Guide, Translator

This material was sourced by UniApplyForMe from CareerHelp.

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