To the class of 2021: Congratulations!

You made it!

Now, thank yourself.

We’d like to congratulate the class of 2021 on their impressive performance regardless of the troubles they faced throughout the year.

You guys proved that with determination and effort everything is possible. All of us at UniApplyForMe are quite happy with the performance displayed by every single South African student. 

We’re excited to see all of your ventures into different avenues in society and work hard to make South Africa a better country for all.

To those who didn’t make it and to those who didn’t get the results that they were expecting, take this as a minor hiccup on your journey to academic success and fulfilment. The road and path to success are filled with hurdles that all of us have to go through. Do not let anyone discourage you or bring you down with their words and simply remember that the greatest world leaders have all gone through failure and disappointment. Let 2023 be your year of improvement.

We’re so excited to see you all at universities across South Africa.

And from all of us, Have a great year ahead!

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