Benefits for Institutions

Our commitment to improve access to higher education extends to supporting institutions with data and other tools.

Here are some quick stats:

First-time applicants who feel overwhelmed by the application process

First-time applicants who say that they do not know how to contact admission support

First-time applicants who've never had any form of career guidance

First-time applicants who feel universities should promote themselves digitally

The statistics shown above were conducted at 18 different schools around our 9 provinces and in different quintiles and which shows us that universities aren’t placing their marketing budgets in the right place as students yearly struggle with the same issues yearly and lack of awareness is the leading issue.

This is where we come in with the following solutions

Branding and Visibility

Data & Analytics

Promotion of Funding

Streamlined Application Processes

Community Engagement

Access to a Diverse Pool of Applicants

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